For My Children and Grandchildren!

There's nothing more that I'd like than to leave the world a better plave for my children and grandchildren.  I try to "live green" and recycle and reduce my carbon footprint. I sit here and watch helplessly as greed and indifference ruin our world. It's the only one we have and I want to see a beautiful world for the people we leave behind.

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Pro-rouge is meant as a time out, don't know if it's French, but it's understandable if you lived here. <br />
Glad you visited and have a good opinion. Your distractions involve a hundred countries, we deal with a few. <br />
Not much has changed up here since you were younger. camping can be ingenious if you know what yoiu're up against and how long you might be. We're never far from a major centre thogh haha, <br />
It's all relative ... I've never been to the U.S., but hoped to get there after I discovered all of Canada. Sorry U.S. Canada has at least six ditinct regions. I've been to the Pacific, but never further East than Yorkton. Took the Southey exit out of Regina after a Roughrider game, I wasn't driving. <br />
Out on the coast, it rained in the morning, then the sun shone, then we drove with a Chinook back to the prairies, in about 36 hours. <br />
I never minded the Leafs before expansion. I'm a Canucks fan out West, but still Leafs in the Eastern Conference. That would be a good Stanley Cup, one year. Thanks for touching base ...

It's all very interesting. Thanks for explaining it all to me. I was paying attention to it and then got distracted! I have always loved Canada since I was a little girl. We used to vacation in Montreal, Ontario, Niagara and Toronto back then. We used to camp as we traveled and see the sights. It was amazing to me that Canadians used to camp for the whole summer up there, in tents, and bring their washers, dryers and refrigerators and set them up on pallets!!!! It was amazing. It was always so clean and the air was always fresh, not like the US and NY where I grew up! I always dreamed of living there somewhere along the Atlantic coast but I don't think I could take the cold. Nova Scotia always seemed like a beautiful place. My husband and I usually spend every other Christmas at Niagara Falls, take in a Hockey game in Toronto and go to the hockey Hall of Fame. It's just a whole nother (I know that's not a word) feeling when you cross the border! I love it!<br />

No, I'm out on the prairies where no one thinks much about the East. Thanks for liking Canada, it's about half as hyper as your country has to be these days. Sorry to have seen it on 9:11, I was out painting a soccer field when it happened :( ... Harper survived a non-confidence vote on his preliminary budget, very similar to Obama's, the Liberals supported him to pass it. <br />
Being part of a minority Alliance against the Conservatives before parliament was pro-rouged by our Governor-general, the delay seemed enough time to get those Liberals on-side to support the budget. In Canada, if a majority of the minority vote against the government, any vote can topple it, and we're back to the poles. The Conservatives (your Republicans) survived the vote. Lately we've been twice in about five years to the poles. Their looking at how much it has cost each taxpayer, lately, since there's been two in a row. That's why it will take an act of God to force a third. .. People up here are getting tired of elections, but I like we have a strong minority ... I'll go to the pole's again if they screw me around much more ... I'm laughing ;) but I'm serious ;(<br />
Thanks for caring ...

I was following some of the politics from your beautiful country (which I love, BTW). Last I heard they were trying to recall Harper. What ever happened to that? i have been too caught up in the economic issues down below you. The whole world economy is quite precarious these days. My husband has been talking about the Amero being a possibility some day akin to the Euro. That, to me is quite scary! Are you in Ottawa?

Your point was well made, and received. We have a new premier who has opened up our resource base to the capitalists. My kids will inherit larger, unfeeling cities, more pollution, and a depleted heritage because of this one political movement moving in from Alberta, where they have already sold everything not nailed down. The federal government has the final word, but they are just as bad. But they are trying to look like a 'green' government, so their being cagey. I should move to Manitoba ...

You said "Environmental concerns just seem to be a nuisance to profit makers" That was the point I was trying to make!

Capitalism by it's nature looks to spend less to increase profit. Companies get away with harmful practices until they really cross a line, or get censured in the media. Either way they have already satisfied the shareholders. I'm pretty cynical about any huge change in corporate practices. Environmental concerns just seem to be a nuisance to profit makers ...

Yes and it's cheap to damage the environment too. That's why corporations have no conscience. Why should they police themselves when it's too expensive to do what's right and no one is watching but the shareholder looking for more dividends?

The few actions you've taken do more good than you believe. I studied Environmental Sciences twenty years ago and learned about individual impact. With one more million people acting like you, and one more, then more ... the positive impact increases, and so does the momentum ... <br />
Technology exists to clean up or at least minimize most pollution of all kinds, it's just not cheap enough yet ... maybe in another twenty ;) ...

Yeah, but I have hope............. What else is there?

I'm afraid youngsters are already condemning our legacy, but all we can do is try ...