My Goal This Year

I am off to a slow start because of the weather, but that's my goal and along the way I want to do 5 centuries rides.  I will keep you updated on my progress.  Now if the darn snow would just melt.

Update 4/22/2010 - Well spring is here and the snow is gone, but still riding on frosty mornings in full winter gear, but i am getting my miles in.   I am up to 850 mles this year and my long ride of the year is 87 miles.  I hope to do my first century in the next few weeks.  I have had a few bike issues, had to have the bottom braket replaced and broke a few spokes, but other then that things are good. I have also lost 10 lbs from my high this winter, so no complaints there either. 

Update 5/03/2010 - First Century of the year in the books.  Other then a bit to much sun and a sore butt I am good.  The key to this long ride from my last is I fed this ride and had enough energy from beginning to end.

Update 5/16/2010 - I kicked some a$$ and got my a$$ kicked too, all in one ride.  The cool thing about cycling is there really are not two of us made the same.  Some are faster and some are slower.  Today I did a 70 mile ride with a group I sometimes ride with.  These are very good riders and kept up a 17.8 mph average for the day.  I felt strong up until the very end, but finished with the leaders in sight.  How do you become a better cyclist, ride more.

Update 06/-1/2010 - I did back to back centuries with weekend and that's the first time I have ever done that.  I am up over 2000 miles and feel like I am in pretty good shape, but also had my first flat of the year. 

07/24/10 - Well I got my 5 century in this year, I did RAIN, the ride across the state of Indiana, 160 mile in one day.  I am up over 3400 miles for the years and next week I start my weeklong ride.  500 miles in 6 days.  So far it's be a very good year for riding.

08/30/10 - Well I am up to 4700 miles this year with 7 centuries in.  Week long ride was fun.  I had some hilly days, I don't know what my vertical was, but when the butterflies can pass you when you are in Granny going up the hill you know it's steep.  I found one on Mapmyride that was a 12% grade.  I got to spend a week with Mom and that was fun.  Two weeks ago I did a metric century with the bike club and took some people on the longest ride of there lifes.  I have been pushing myself and I find out pulling others along with me.  The sun is starting to head south and days are getting shorter.  It's looking like 6000 miles will be about what I get. 

09/29/2010- Well shorter days and kids sports is starting to cut my ride time shorter and shorter.  I have reached my goal of 5000 miles so now everything on top is gravy.  I will pass last year of 5300, but not sure if I will get to 6000. 

11/09/10 - Well time change is here so I can start riding in tha AM again for like 2 or 3 weeks, but evening rides are history.  I am up over 5900 miles and did another century this weekend, I have to double check I think it's number 10.   My trainer is calling, but I do hate riding indoors.  This weekend I headed out and it was about 23 degrees, darn that was cold. 

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