Buahahahah: Phase One

So, well, I'll start by building a secret lair somewhere overly hazardous like a volcano, or maybe in a giant underwater moving base.. uhh thing, somewhere in shark infested waters. But anyway I would hire on many angry henchmen. Though where do you hire henchman, nevermind angry ones.. hrm.. Or I could hire a bunch of angry people and give them a henchman seminar. Though they would have to be incompetent. I wouldn't want my nemesis having too hard of a time reaching my lair room thing. On to my next point! My lair room! It'll be a wordly room, divided into five sections. One section would be a rainforest, another a desert, one a plain, an icy dangerous underwater hybrid one and finally my throne room with an awesome throne with a bunch of jewels and stuff complete with spikes, dart wall shooting trap thingies and a flamethrower switch on my throne armrest thing. I would have trained tigers and cobra's patrolling my lair taking on rotating 8 hour shifts. Yes, I can see it now, it's all coming together. Now, to find a way to take control of the varying continents.. Also known as, phase two.
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*sharks with laserbeams attached to their heads infested waters.<br />
^ much more threatening and fun to look at.

Dr. Evil did it. Can't surpass him by copying him, now can I? Hrmm maybe giant eagles clenging great white sharks in their talons. Now that, I like. Good idea Yoru, you're hired.


Yes! Now what if we replaced the shark's teeth with titanium? And possibly made it so that they can spit deadly venom? I'm full of evil ideas.

Evil villains always reveal their master plans!

That's because we know no one can stop us! Muahaha!

What about the sexy, yet ditzy assistant?

Your missing the trap door in the floor that opens into a pit of hungry undead / fire / a never ending abyss . . .

You're hired.

I'm glad you included dark wall shooting trap thingies. I mean, those are essential.

What kind of throne room would it be without one?