New Stuff For My Abdl Collection

I have a collection of plastic pants, and today I got a postal package with new stuff for my enjoyment. Now I have also one rubber pant, one new vinyl bloomer in blue, a pull on plastic pant in white and a blue onessie. I have allready told my girlfriend I want to wear the onessie over my diaper when I sleep with her. Some time ago I did a video of myself pooping in a diaper and then putting the messy diaper off and pulling up a vinyl transparent plastic pant over without cleaning me. I really love these pants, (after washing, they have still a light brown color at the back and between the legs), I love how they feel on the skin, it's made of a very soft transparent vinyl. I think I have around 10 or 12 plastic pants (including bloomers, pull on style, snap on style and different materials) that I have being buying over the last years. I have another video of me, mast ur.b.a ting in a semi transparent vinyl pant, its clear to see my hard pennis, my hand and how I c.u.m
All this stuff is just sexual for me, outside that I'm a bedwetter and a real incontinent due to a phisical condition known as spina bifida. I just can't hold the poop, and only 20 seconds to do pi pi.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2011

i got some dappi pull on plastic pants size elg were tight but got em on love the feel tho