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Answers Do men have a fetish for plastic pants? Answer Some men have a fetish for plastic, or similar materials. These people are a minority. The majority of people do not have this fetish. The above is a clinical answer. As far as plastic pants are concerned, they are part of the diapering experience, and a big part of the fascinating diapering experience for those into diapers and/or plastic pants. There really is no explanation for this, and it is true that plastic is quite the thrill of it all. Plastic pants are certainly associated with diapers, and the two often go hand in hand. But a plastic pants fetish often manifests itself first for some reason. It probably is "the icing on the cake", so to speak I suppose. It's the finality of diapering, it represents the finishing touch. It means you have definitely been diapered. So plastic pants are the ultimate finality in this case. Not only that, but they feel great as well without a diaper. Maybe this extended explanation helped more, and maybe not. Plastic pants are awesome in this writer's opinion. It's a shame they are now hard to find. To further clarify the reasons, a person, especially a man, may have a rubber or plastic panty fetish is because the materials, themselves, are rather slippery and when lubricated around the genital area, become extremely pleasurable to wear... This type of fetish is most prevalent in older adults who were small children raised before the invention of throw away diapers, when rubber and then plastic pants were in common use... In those days, there were many children, especially boys who discovered the extremely pleasant sensations of wearing these slippery "panties" directly over their un-diapered genitals, either because someone slid a pair on them to "quite them down" at bed-time, or when their diapers were wet and their diapers would bunch up, often causing their slippery, wet genitals to be in direct contact with the soft, subtle plastic or rubber pants... In both of these situations, the "diaperer", usually a close family member or an impressionable young baby-sitter, would "love-talk" during the "changing", creating a very pleasurable memory, in the child, of the pleasures of wearing plastic or rubber pants. Add to that, as expressed above, the "well diapered", well cared for, very pleasant feelings of security and convenience of being able to use a diaper, as an extremely pleasant and relatively sanitary way to **********, and/or avoid having to get up and use a real toilet, enhanced the incentive to adopt a rubber and plastic panty fetish... I'm sure there are many more paths into this area and I too, would love to hear all about them from others.
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Great start. I'm not sure any of us will ever know what drives this fetish. I've heard that fetishes have a sexual component to them, so I call it a desire to wear them, at least till you get to puberty. I grew up in cloth diapers and rubber pants, which quickly changed to plastic pants. There is a difference, though some users my age will call "plastic" pants, rubber pants. None-the-less, I spent from age 2 to age 8 in cloth diapers and plastic pants and hated every minute of it. After I was able to control my wetting and no longer needed nightly protection, I had a deep seated desire to wear diapers again and especially plastic pants. Like you said, the feeling of wearing them was tremendously sensual, especially against the skin. Now for me, it had to be baby style plastic pants. Nothing else would do. No plastic shower caps or curtains, rain jackets or pants, plastic table clothes or even plastic sheets had such an erotic affect as did plastic "baby" pants. I don't think I'll ever know why that is. Prior to puberty, I just loved wearing them. With or without a diaper, most of the time I'd wear them over my tidy-whities, but sometimes I'd be naughty and wear them just by themselves. They would become slippery and I enjoyed that. It wasn't till I hit puberty that they became deliciously erotic. As a friend of mine would say, he lost his virginity to plastic pants. They seem very much addicting. I'd push through any embarrassing moments to get a pair. I'd go to the variety store and wait till all the moms had left the baby isle, dash to get a pair of the largest baby pants I could find, make my way to the cashier counter, hoping there was no one there. I'd most often have candy or other toys for boys my age with me to pay for my purchase. What an eclectic bunch of items for boys from ages 10 to 15 to get, using excuses like, "they're for my little brother," which most cashiers probably couldn't have cared less or at least found amusing, considering they never asked me why I had them in the first place. Back then baby pants were a lot cheaper than diapers. Usually, they were 25-40 cents a pair, which made them much more easy to get and hide than diapers. In my younger years, I would purge my plastic pants, thinking this can't be the thoughts of a rational person, then binge buy them all back again, thinking I'm not hurting anyone and they are rather exciting to feel and wear. After a while, I just accepted it. Since then, I've had a couple of medical conditions where they've come in handy. I'm all to happy to have a justified means to wear them. Some day it will be permanent. I'd still like for some shrink, purely on a curiosity level, to probe my psyche for the real reason why I enjoy wearing them. I'm sure Freud would have had some clinical diagnosis on the subject. I hate my father, love my mother; didn't want to grow up or some other sole-searching reason, but it doesn't touch the root of why. What's the underlying cause?If you think about it, plastic is a recent addition to fetishes. Diapers date back to the Egyptians, but plastic pants are since the late 40's. Even rubber coated clothes (the time rubber pants must have been thought about) date back to the late 1800's. Rubber has been around since the 1700's. Lots of kids grew up without another thought of baby clothes and things. Some of us held on to them. Why, and why boys more than girls? You psyche majors want a great thesis? Start here. It will drive your whole career, but hurry. We're on the edge of beginning to loose the war time and baby boomers, where most of it all started.

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