Plastic Pants Lover

i have worn plastic pants all of my life and will always love them i also love them near my skin they bring me pleasure and comfort i have to wear plastic pants for medical reasons my love for adultbaby plastic pants i love the baby printed patterns on the pants i you'st to steel a few from the neigbours clothes lines when i was young and as a teenager the love of them just sent me craizey i could not live without them now and there is a great variety out there now i alway have plastic pants on my shopping list. so it is great to meet all of you in plastic pants and be friends
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2 Responses Feb 4, 2011

I also done the same when in was younger,I used to steal from washing lines and couldn't wait to get home to get them on,I preferred the noisy ones but liked them all and still do,infact I am wearing a pink transparent pair as writing this,my **** is solid and sticky just the way I like it.

Funny you should mention stealing nappies from a neighbours washing line. I put that on one profile as a confession as it was something I did as a child. The responding comments were unusual, you forget when talking to others like herself just how strange this fetish must seem to people who have never considered that some of us just like to wear plastic pants for pleasure. I have seen some unusual fetishes myself on the internet, as long as they enjoy it and no one gets hurt then carry on enjoying it what ever it is, thank God we are all different.