My Telecaster

I got into music in high school, initially through bass, then I gradually learned more guitar because i wanted to write my own songs. In college, I traded an ipod for an old ibanez hollowbody that I did a lot of learning and recording and early songwriting on.

Then I got diagnosed with depression and was dismissed from my university, I started seeing a therapist and taking medication, as well as worked a clerk job to make some money for chump change.

I don't know how I grew to like the telecaster, maybe it had something to do with the timeless design, or the sheer simplicity of the thing, or how well it sings through overdriven amplifiers, or after reading a rolling stones book and seeing keef riffhard with his butterscotch blonde tele and how badass it was.

but i took a portion of the money I earned during my clerk job, and visited the local guitar shop.

When I got there, it was like love at first sight, the first guitar I spotted was a sunburst fender telecaster. During the rest of my leave of absence away from university, the telecaster never left my side as i wrote song after song on it. In a way, it helped me recover from my depression and got me back into good standing with the university. It's been quite a few years since I got it and I do admit I play very roughly from time to time, and the guitar has shown many signs of wear and tear, but it still sings just as sweetly as the first time I plugged it into an amplifier.

Don't think I'll ever sell it, it has too much history attached.
misterfarenheit misterfarenheit
22-25, M
Dec 5, 2012