Not "an" Instrument.. More!

When I was like 5 I had this tiny electric keyboard and I played songs like twinkle twinkle little star on it.. The notes were perfect. Idk how I did it! I have an ear for music I guess.. My mom signed me up for piano lessons and I was pretty good..
I started playing the sax and I had to give up my piano lessons :-( I completely forgot my bass clef notes so now I can only read for my right hand.. But I still remember part if a song!
I also play xylophone cuz it's like the same thing as a piano
I'm getting a guitar soon too cuz I was at my friends house and I started playing a song on his guitar! He's like "How did u do that??" I said "I dunno!" It was so weird I never played the guitar before yet I was getting all the right notes...freaky...
I borrowed this girls trumpet in music class cuz she wasn't playing it and I played the first 3 notes of a b flat concert scale so I guess I know how to play a lil of the trumpet! I couldn't keep playing bcuz one key is like 4 notes or something.. Idk it got confusing :-P
Idk how to play drums but ik how to keep a perfectly steady rhythm and Ik when someone's going too fast or slow..

I'm super amazing at music.. Too bad I'm gonna be a doctor lol oh well I guess this will be my hobby
ilovenellyxoxo ilovenellyxoxo
Jan 16, 2013