I play a few instruments already, but after going to Australia last summer I bought home a lovely Australian eucalyptus Didgeridoo ('cause why not). - And it is the best thing ever. Why? Well:
1. It makes a huge 'wobbing' sound. - So it's pretty much ye olde Dubstep.
2. You need absolutely no musical skill whatsoever to play one. (Just the ability to blow a raspberry down a wooden tube, basically)
3. It is THE original woodwind instrument.
4. It would make a great weapon if your house was ever burgled.

So in short, the Didgeridoo is a rather awesome thing.
Peace out.
Blemin Blemin
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I agree! I play Didgeridoo as well, usually while holding Djembe and playing them both simultaneously...