We R Sneaky

On my last day of primary school, they had a sports day. They set up a badminton net complete with raquets and shuttles in the hall. They said it was out of bounds for children and that everyone should just stay away. Honestly, if teachers are supposed to be smart, why do they always forget to lock the door, or patrol it, or take any measures at all to keep us out! well there were about 6 of us and since it was our absolute last day, we decided to rebell. The gravel crunched under our feet and even that miniscule noise put us on edge. we cracked open the door and then raced over to the raquets. I was on firast with my friend and we were facing another two girls. That game was probably the most thrilling that I have ever played. The thought of being caught was exhillerating, every single little noise would make us dive for the loos. Once we were so close to being caught, someone had come into the foyer and none of us had hear it, luckily we were good at talking ourselves out of trouble. It was great to use our last primary lunchtime for some awesome, hardout, badminton. It has never left my memory.
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Haha that sounds like a really nice note on which to finish school :) <br />
I wonder if teachers aren't that careful on purpose, to give the students a chance at some kind of mischief. Maybe they remember what it was like to be kids...or maybe they find it fun to catch kids and tell them off. I mean, why else would they lay out a badminton court like that and say "stay away!" It's obvious bait :-P!