It's Smashing!

I started to play badminton when I was given a badminton racket as a birthday present I think I was 23 at that time. Anyway when I started to play it was difficult but as I played I got the hang of it and started to play on regular basis. There have been number of times when I have stopped and started due to unforeseen reason but I always enjoyed the game whenever I played. A year ago I damaged my shoulder while playing badminton, I would get a sharp pain whenever I done a smash, so I had to hang up my racket and sit and wait until the shoulder healed. Good news is now I’m back playing badminton and touch wood no pain in the shoulder, so all I can say is watch out for my smash… Also its not the winning it’s taking part that counts.

jadxx jadxx
36-40, M
Feb 10, 2009