I Love Badminton

I started playing badminton when I was old enough or strong enough to swing the rackets. My first racket, which was one of my father's old rackets was longer or taller than I was at the time. My father was a champion of our borough for years and one of my uncles was not far behind him. So I grew up watching them play badminton or watching them watch the game on TV or practicing with them. I love racket sports, especially badminton. It's in my blood but I rarely play anymore. Where I live now, it's hard to find a partner to play with. So, a long time ago, I took up tennis and a few years ago, I took up racket ball but I still like badminton the most.

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I love Badminton as well. I have recently started playing again after a few years lay off. Ironically I play at my old high school. That really takes me back.

Yes OLK~ That is very true also!

Thanks, AC! I do love to try and to experience new things and to live life to its fullest. But sometimes, that's not the only reason to stay active. Sometimes you also have to do it to keep your sanity.

OLK~ Each one of us is unique yet have such beautiful qualities and ex<x>pressions to share, and enjoy. It is so fun to be able to experience so many things in this life we have. I applaud you living life to it's fullest!!

I'm sure there are things you know and have that I don't or that I can't have. :)

Thank you, Princess! I am a runner and play guitar, sing, play badminton....but I don't ride sportsbikes. I'm too short for it. I just love them. I am a very active person and love challenges but I didn't learn to do all those in one day. Just one thing at a time all throughout my life but I never stopped. :)

Thanks, Highside, for your comment. I've never tried squash before but I tried Hand Ball for a while. Not so good at it, though. I keep forgetting that I have to use both hands to play and no back hand in this game. Someday, I'll find someone to play badminton again. In the mean time, I have other things I enjoy doing.

I play both singles and doubles but I like singles better cause I tend to dominate my partner in doubles. Besides, not very many people want to play doubles with me. In racket ball, however, people like to play doubles with me because I'm small and fast on my feet from all the running and biking I do, so they want me to be in the front. <BR><BR>Oh God, birdiecock sounds terrible. It makes me think of a bird with......whatever. You make me laugh so hard. <BR><BR>Ok CAP....cause it seems like you like it when I smile, I'll only do this for you. I'll say the words again and again in my mind for you.

I like your idea shuttlebirdie is much more proper than a birdiec*ock! hahahhaha So do you play singles or doubles?...........YOu are quite the sports person, biking, running, badminton..........and I wished you would say shuttlec*ck often if it makes you smile!

Yes, you're right...birdie is only a nickname. At tournaments, I call them shuttlecocks. It sounds a little bit better than ***** alone. I can't seem to say the word without smilling and I can't keep smilling during a tournament everytime I ask for one of those. They might think I'm too friendly. I wish we could just meet in the middle and call it shuttlebirdie. Hey, maybe I should write a letter to Badminton World Federation and suggest the idea. :)

But as you well know "birdie" is not an official term and was only called that because the original "shuttlecocks" or "*****" as called by BAdmittion announcers/referees, had feathers, and were a leather bag with sand and stuffed with feathers......do you laugh at a dumb old man's knowledge of your sport!.............so I bet when you hear a photographer say watch the birdie! you think of badmitton..........post more stories, please.

Yea, I bet I was the cutest badminton pla<x>yer in my area because I WAS the only one...ha...ha. <br />
And for the obvious reason, I avoid calling it "shuttlecock".... I call it "birdie". It sounds much more polite and kids friendly.

Not a lot of competitive Badmittion here in the states, however it is a fun sport......I've played some, but to get more excorsie I went to squash and rachetball.....never any good at any but I tried very hard and loved it......I bet you were the cutest badmitton pla<x>yer in your area!<br />
Plus I think it sounds naughty to say out loud at a sporting event....."shuttlecock" hahahaha