This semester, I took basketball as my PE class. I actually do not want to be in there but since my friend joined, she tried to convince me to join as well.

When I started playing it, I eventually loved it. I felt so cool since I only see men play basketball (women are very often). So I eventually learned how to play it, step by step.

I know I'm not good enough to be chosen to be in the first five whenever we are having a practice game. But I honestly feel bad that I never get a chance to play even for a few minutes. Yeah, I am a bench player.

I'm really sad about that but I'll try my best to improve myself. The semester is about to end but this basketball thing isn't.
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Well done you. It's a good game to play. I understand you wanting to improve, but that is not everything in sport. When I was your age (a long time ago) I played soccer to quite a high standard. I was playing in the Welsh League, which was semi-pro. But what I want to say is probably more important, and I mention it because it will help you understand what I want to say to you.
At our local pub, there was a group of deaf lads who came in quite regularly. I got to know them, and learned some very rudimentary sign language. They knew I played soccer, and during one summer they asked me if I wanted to join their team. They were applying to enter a local league that was many levels lower than the Welsh League. As we got talking, it turned out that they were looking for a few hearing people to join them, because the local Association insisted that they have a hearing person in their team. This was long before any consideration of getting referees proficient at sign language, which would have been the better solution. So I agreed to join them as often as I could. In fact that turned out to be quite frequently, because their games rarely clashed with my other team.
The experience of those games was great. They used to laugh at me, because I often forgot they were deaf and would shout to them to pass the ball. In fact, if the league authority's had tested my signing ability... they would probably have been refused entry into the league. As the season went on, we were very consistent - losing game after game. That is until the very last game of the season. The score was 3 - 3. A draw! When the final whistle went, you would have thought we had won the World Cup. There was a level of enjoyment for us all that many more competitive leagues lose sight of.
So don't worry too much about your skill level - it isn't the be-all-and-end-all. As long as you have a good group to play with, the game will offer far more than winning championships or cups. So enjoy the game and the good feeling as you get a bit fitter.

all the best

It's nice to read about a woman enjoying playing Basketball.

I was a huge fan of the 1984 and 1986 Celtics when Larry Bird and Kevin McCale, Robert Parish...all 3 are Hall of Famers and Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge played the game as if it was an art form.

Being a team of unselfish players allowed them to beat Michael Jordan's Bulls and Magic Johnsons Lakers.

It was a sight to see.