There are not many things I like to do other than playing bass. It is an instrument that I HAD to get the time I realised it's role. I ve been playing a lot (like A LOT!) in the past two years since I started and I m really into some crazy stuff like Dream Theater, Symphony X etc...
The problem is these two years have been some shadowed by others' opinions. Firstly when I told my parents I wanted to start learning, they were like ''bass, what normal person plays an instrument that can't be heard, why don't you start acoustic guitar and blablabla'' and I was ''what the hell???''. I ve been into huge quarrels with them since then concerning school, studying and leisure time managing even though I m a good student. This is happening to a point I want to become a musician purely other than an architect and things like that...
The other thing is I'm in two bands, in a kick a$$ heavy/power/thrash metal one and in a second, in which i don't know what my role actually is; Im receiving constant freaking racism from the guitarist, joking on bass playing and annoying crap like that (maybe because they never had a bassist before, because... the guitarist got me to just fullfil tha band other than playing in it).
The last one is about fellow bassists, they play like posers using distortion or only playing slap (which ****** me off) even though they can't play well, and when I played for them a difficult harmonic solo they were ''meh''
I mean, what's everyone's problem? Every musician should be playing lead because it's the only thing they can hear?
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I've been playing drums for ten years now. I just started playing bass four months ago. I'm so in love with the instrument that I am now making it my main weapon. I love the role of the bassist and everything about it.

Heya zip, firstly may i just say that bass playing is one of the hardest things to do, my man is a bass player and a very good one, he also has had a fair share of the kind of crap you have, all i can say is ignore it, these people neither understand what a bass guitar is anyway (hence making them kinda thick huh ;O) ) and are immature and conceted. Just do what makes you happy and fk em all if they continue, dont let others harsh your buzz as they say......Peace,, Boody x