Nerds Unite!

I am not your stereotypical chess enthusiast. I do not fit the popular mental image of the sweaty, bespectacled, disheveled, socially inept stutterbox chess player. However, I am at times independently sweaty, disheveled and inept. I don't wear glasses and I rarely stutter. I had my first lesson with my new coach over the weekend and I feel as if the content of the lesson was precisely what I needed to begin playing correct chess. It became very obvious to me that there were some very serious holes in my game and in my approach to chess and my goal is to shore up these weaknesses, become a better tactitian, learn openings better, and focus on accurately calculating variations. My new coach is actually a friend, but in this capacity, we work as coach and student. It's a brilliant arrangement. Nothing much else to add. Time for breakfast (at 3pm, I know. I work nights) and then to go print some shirts of bands making a lot more money than my own.
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5 Responses Feb 6, 2007

In chess (life), the more we blunders the more we learn. I try making mistakes never to repeat it and develops my game at least an inch on every trial and error method.

If by "feminine wiles" you mean breasts...yeah, those things are f'n distracting. Trust me on that one. I don't know how many times I cut short calculating a line just to look up and see my female opponent leaning (on purpose) over the board...

chess, much like dostoyevski, never has gotten me a *******.

Never too late to again progress.

My daughter was introduced to chess in the 2nd grade. She loves it and it has helped her in so many ways. I would love to learn but her patience for me has run out. :)