I'm pretty good at DDR, I can do songs on the second hardest difficulty but never the hardest. I really wish I could get one of the arcade machines since I wear out the mats kinda quick.

I've had so many good times with this game. Like the time I was really drunk and played till 4am. Apparently I had pulled a muscle but was too drunk to notice so I kept playing. When I woke up from under the coffee table I could barely walk because my legs hurt so bad. Fun times, lol!
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Oh yes, this must be added to the list! Hell I don't need to drink to play, its fun anytime. Its okay if you suck, I'm don't play to compete I just like to have fun.

okay moon, so DDR .........add it to the list !!!!! I have to warn you, I suck at it ! we may have to reconsider the no drinking for this one though !!