The Best And Most Realistic Zombie Game To Date!

I love love LOVE anything to do with zombies and play games like L4D and Dead Rising all the time but this is my newest favorite zombie game. Simple thing is theres no story, you create your own based off of your own survival experience. The game is very Walking Dead like in that your best bet is to avoid zombies rather then confront them and you can encounter other survivors who can help or in alot of cases harm you. Other players in the game can either be self proclaimed bandits killing others for their supplies and for game or they can be a willing ally. Because this game is multiplayer no survival experience is ever the same.

The game itself is a mod for Arma 2 which is a military simulation style game so the key focus is realism not gameplay the game controls are clunky and unfamiliar to most new players but make sense as you play more and more. I personally play more like a bandit and kill other players on sight if i notice they are in a group or have a significant item on their person that i want. Normally my survival time is really long when I'm actually trying where as most people average around 49 mins or so (according to the day z website). If anyone ever wants to play let me know because the game is alot more fun with people you know.
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Aug 8, 2012