If E-mc Squared, How Do I Level Up?

i play computer games based on the DnD rules and i love them so much.

Unfortunately no one in my family ever wants to play the board game with me so i think i might take that to uni and see if it has a following there. I'm not exactly an expert and far from a strategist, but hell i'm creative enough to make a challenging DM (or i'd like to think so).

Maybe i could turn one of my half-baked stories into a DnD game.

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Where are you from. I have E-Book copies of everything from the Pla<x>yers handbook ,and all the monster manuals and DMG to the Planer Handbook, Complete Warrior, Magic Item Compendium ,and the Epic Level Handbook among plenty of others. I also have my own set of dice as well as access to a random dice roller program created by D&D themselves. Which means if we could get some people we could play via Yahoo IM conference. <br />
<br />
The only setback I can see is that I will only play 3.0 to 3.5. I can't stand 4.0. Its set up for people who like World of Warcraft ,and I have nothing against WoW ,but if you want to play it play it online ,and leave my fing D&D alone.

you can use a ladder and manually climb all the way up there.. or construct a life size elevator..