Well, It's True.

   Hello, and I'm here to tell you one thing - If you think Role-Playing and Pen & Paper (AKA Table-Top) Games are for nerds, Prepare to be enlightened. I've been playing DnD (Achronym for Dungeons and Dragons, for those that never knew) Since I hit ten, and dad pulled out the good ol' Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's guide Version 1.0, and told stories of him and his friends.
   Now, My brother had already started a small group of people (He was 13 at the time, we're 2 1/2 years apart) so I got to get right into the action. We played a few games together, and I was never any good. 2 Years later, in 2007, he realized we were playing a SERIOUSLY outdated version; He ended up doing his research and using BitTorrent to get the V 3.5 books. My second character was my official one, and, though hard to level up, helped in all the campaigns my brother could come up with. It was an Avoral, one of many messangers for the different gods in the game. The Avoral, though it's coated in feathers and proclaimed a demon everywhere but it's plain, was a huge help to all the other players, in almost EVERY scenario.
   But, Every rose has its thorn, so to speak. The games were fun, but I had something for every occasion, and the other players got bored quick. Soon, everyone was re-focused on video games and getting ready for school, so I turned to the web. I joined and created different role-playing forums, and Now, 5 years later, I'm an experienced GM when it comes to IM games, and forum games.
   And, It's all thanks to that one day I heard about DnD.

   I'm glad to be here in this group, and I'm glad there are others like me that will gladly admit there roleplayer status. In my little town if you say anything about it to anyone, you're a nerd. Which is funny, 'cuz I've proved myself a geek too many times to be re-labled. >:D

~The Happy Bird.

Ornithologist65 Ornithologist65
22-25, M
Jul 10, 2010