I'm New To The Game

      I bet I surprised my stepdad I visit when I said I want to learn to play D&D (I knew he's played but now realize he's like a D&D guru). It's awesome~ the whole idea literally diving into the roleplay and battles, have shared a few good laughs. I play a tiefling warlock named Mara and my dad bounces between two characters of his own and being the DM.
I have fun with just the two of us but imagine a bigger group would be a blast. I'm nervous-shy about joining a random persons group and if they'll accept me without being awkward, trust me I can be very non-social too. I'm not half bad I'd like to think though I'm still learning and forget some things! I've overkilled many with eldritch blast and flames of phlegethos though the cleric in the party I hate because he seems to die or get bloodied by anything, especially minions who we know have 1hp, and I'm left saving him and not helping the tank/pally with the boss!  
^_^ My favourite quote is definitely "Dammit Brandis!!"
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My girlfriend is a gamer :D I brought her into the fold!

Yeah! There isn't much action going on where I live... no surprise. But when I can play with a friend or two it isn't so bad-though yeah they're guys. I haven't seen one female gamer before in my life, not even just console games. :/

I'm new to playing also would love to connect with other female pla<x>yers. My husband got me started. Im playing a sycophant ( from Leven Thumps Books) which DM had to create a whole new race for me but he was cool like that. I play a thief. i think we use 3rd edition AD&D. Guys in group range form age 13- 50 I always got along best with guys. Never been a gamer but really enjoy this