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(quick update) after a few more battles, and finding treasure; and of course completely forgetting why there in the dungeon; my party escaped Shedoklah. They're currently in the one one 1/3 of Titan's Shield (biggest strong hold in the campeign) notcontrlled by they're chief enemy: the Grey Company (A hobgoblin military that now controls half the Northern Kingdoms). While awaiting an announcement from the resistance leader in ccharge, Prince Final Tale III (the "late"-Empire of Tale's founding family were bards) My party was approached by a seemingly crazy old man, whom they had met previously before entering Shedoklah. Now referring to himself as Taran, he began to play them all in a game of Wanderer's cards. The only rule is that 2s, aces, faces, and jokers were the chips. The won cards were reveiled to be from a Deck of Many Things, though none of the effects have come into play (yet).

Taran actually is the Wanderer. God paths; travelers, adverurers, and fate. Or: the the companion of each and all upon their path. One of the 3 dieties that appear in all of Gai'eths religions.
tycamrent tycamrent
22-25, M
May 9, 2012