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Both of my X boyfriends who I'm still best friends with played D&D.  I never really played myself.  My roomies play and I've been sitting in on sdome of their games.  It seems like a lot of fun.  I'd love to learn how to play and join a campagin.   All of their games are way to far in for me to join especially since I have no dice and have no idea how to create and use a character.   I was wondering if there was a group for me to join that wouldn't mind showing me the ropes.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Hey I'm trying to get an online group going as I've already posted. I live in Ohio so unless you live somewhere near there I don't think we can do an in person group. Message me if you want an online game going or if you'd like to know the basic mechanics of the game. I could teach you some. I'll probably also send you a copy of the pla<x>yers handbok because thats how you build your characters. I've also got a site that is a dice roller program so unless you actually get a real group together where you live you don't really need to go buy dice. If you do want the dice anyways. you can get them on amazon.com from anywhere starting at 3.99 all the way up to 12.99 based on the color you want or what material you want them made from. The cheaper ones are made of plastic ,and the most expensive once are made of steel or silver.

No idea where a gaming store is around here.

Their game is very involved and I have missed way too much I would be completely lost.