Euph Rules!!!!

I played flugel for 12 years - i still miss it at times - hence the username!! But i moved to euphonium - i know its a strange move - but i love the euphonium. I love the size of it, i love the tone - i love that euph parts are always interesting! It is a challenging instrument and takes practice - but it is so worth it. My favorite euphonium soloist is Steven Mead - that man is just amazing!! My dream would be to play even half as good as he is - actually even quarter as good would be awesome!!
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7 Responses Dec 25, 2007

Its ok - no-one ever really knows what a euphonium is...I am always shocked when I meet someone that does!! As long as you now know that it is great - then that is all that matters! :-)

I know. There is always the common misconception that it is a baritone and stuff like that. It is kind of annoying when even my band director, who plays clarinet, also calls it the baritone.

Thank you! :-) I would rather die I think than not play is not something I could ever even dream of giving up!! :-)

I agree with you Dreamcast, this one is gifted with sound. I admire any who can make an instrument sing and tell stories through their notes. Continue flugel...

Have you ever heard him!!

Practice is going really well Paul...heading there in about a half hour!! :)

Be sure to come back and tell me how much you love him!! :)

I used to play my cousins French Horn - I love the sound of this type of horn - so mellow. I'm going to check out Steve Mead on you tube. Mox