I Play Farmville

I play Farmville. But I'm not going to give anyone my facebook account, so please don't ask for it. I've actually been tired of the game for a while now, but I still play it occasionally. I'm still in the process of building a horse stable, but haven't received the ten harnesses & one brick that I need lol.

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I've lost my FarmVille cash twice, but was lucky enough to get refunded both times. I actually haven't played the game in at least two months, though. I haven't played it since shortly after I wrote this story, but I'm sure I will again eventually.

Me too I play every day but not as hardcore as I used too but I don't have my horse stable finished either, lol. It needs so much and I lost FV buck when I tried to complete it and FV support gave me the run around and I didn't get my FV buck back :-(<br />
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Me too, i play the game occasionly