A Life Long Love Of Playing Footsie... In Shoes!

Hi all,

For what it's worth and to try yet another attempt to find like minded girls who share this love I will tell you all my lifelong story of a fetish that to this day I still cannot get my head round.

Right now I am 28 year old working girl who lives a very straight forward life, I'm a graphic designer, I live in the South of England, Im gay and generally live life in a very happy go lucky sort of way, I currently dont have a girlfriend but have a few... very close friends shall we say.

Enough about me already... so onto this footsie thing. Ever since I can remember I have always got a kick out of playing footsie with other girls in shoes. I can remember being almost obsessed with it at school, where it was much more innocent and a lot easier to do as I remember, girls growing up dont really worry too much about wether their shoes are up against another girls and I have quite vivid memories of times in class where I would be in heaven because of what was going on down under the desk as it were. Even through my teenage years going into college and then onto university I could still generally get away with some blatant footsie without ever causing too much embarassment to myself or the girl I was playing footsie with. To this day if I am out on the town or out shopping whatever if I see a pair of boots or shoes that look like 'footsy' shoes then I make a bee-line for them in order to try and get a little connection.

I have had countless fantastic moments over the years, one period that stands out was when I was going to college we used to get a bus which took around 1/2 an hour. I would deliberately try and sit behind a woman in order to spread my shoes out under her seat and leave them there and wait for that magic moment when her shoes would come into contact with mine, sometimes they would look down and I would have to say 'sorry' in my best 'oops I didnt mean to do that voice' and other times they either didnt realise it was my shoe or just didnt care.

I think of all my memories the one instance that stands out as being the most enjoyable was whilst I was at university. I was single at the time and had my eye on a girl who was a year older than I. We rarely crossed paths but during a lunchtime break I was lucky enough to be sat in the right place at the time, she was on her own and came and sat next to me as there were hardly any seats free in the canteen. We both played hockey for the university at the time and we talked about that and girly stuff as you do... I distrincly remember she had on jeans that were tucked into the most gorgeous flat black leather boots - I was wearing some black leather ankle boots, these were my favourite footsie boots as the leather was so soft. Despite my efforts though I couldn't get any footsy with her as her boots were crossed under her chair the whole time.

After finishing lunch I had two free periods as I remember and was sitting in the common room fantasising about what might have been when she came in with another friend, we talked a little more all three of us and then her friend had to go to a lesson. The room was really busy and there was little room to sit, she was sat on the floor so I asked her if she wanted me to squeeze up so she could sit next to me which she did. I deliberate left my right foot a little way over so she may touch it, not only did she touch it but as she sat down the outside her her left boot stopped flat against he outside of my right, my heart missed a beat and to my joy she just left it there. She rocked on her ankles a couple of times, lifted her heel up, pushed against my boot and all the while rubbing against mine, I was in absolute heaven she didnt seem to mind at all. Our boots were pressed to together for what seemed like forever. At one point I even heard the leather 'squeek' which I thought would surely get her attention and she would move her foot but she didnt. But things were only to get better...

The room had emptied somewhat and she grabbed another chair for her to put her feet up onto, she put her boots up on it and crossed her ankles and then asked if I wanted to put my feet up too, I did and thought what the hell, I'll just knock them into her's and see what she does, it was only a small stool and there wasnt really much room, as I put my boots up and crossed my ankles mine fell off the edge of the stool, as I put them up again she slightly parted her boots and said to me to put my boot under hers, I did this (obviously!!!) and she then crossed her ankles again but placed her other boots right on top of mine. That moment will stay with me for the rest of my days, I could feel the leather squeeking together, I could feel the warmth of her feet through the leather as she was properly gripping my boots with hers. We sat and watched TV a while before she had to go and I didnt move my boots an inch the whole time. 

I cant imagine ever having a better spontaneous moment again like that, unfortunately she wasnt gay and I didnt not manage to woo her but I have had many quiet moments since pleasuring myself thinking back to that time.

I have countless countless other instances where I've had some lovely footsie with complete strangers, girlfriends and friends. I have almost given up asking now but if there are any other like minded girls out there who genuinely enjoy this I would really love to hear from you, just to share stories.

Hope you have enjoyed my little tale of delight.

Hanna xx
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nice story. I cant resist to play footsie..but in bare feet. I am in a barefoot dance class and whenever this girl and I meditate we lay across sole to sole and start playing each others toes. I like to feel the warmth and softness of her bare feet. I especially love it when she digs her toes into mine . I have also experienced toe wrestling but footsies are the best. Alot of the times women come up to me and bump toes with me. Its one of those things you dont talk about. No matter how much you "oops" people always delight in foot contact. We dont admit it but we really like it.