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Cousin's Sexy Feet

A few days ago, my cousin came by for a beer and just to visit. She and her hubby recently separated, and she just wanted to talk. It was a Saturday, and as usual I was in my normal attire... short running shorts and a t-shirt and barefoot. Even though we had fooled around when we were teens, going as far as being naked together, mutual ************, and oral sex, we had not mentioned any of this in years.
When she arrived, she came around to the back porch and came on in. She was wearing a short skirt, tanktop and flipflops. She had a great tan, and I immediately noticed her brightly polished toes. I got us a beer, and we sat at the porch table talking. I noticed her flipflops beside her chair. We drank more beer, and I let my foot slide over and lightly touch hers. When she didn't pull her foot away, I took this as a good sign, and pressed mine against hers a little more. This time, I felt her press back just a bit, nothing really obvious. As we drank more beer, we began to loosen up, and I brought up how we had fooled around so many years ago, and asked her if she ever thought about those times. I moved my other foot over closer to her, but didn't touch hers with it. Soon enough though, she put her foot against mine, and it felt so good. She then put her toes on top of mine and wiggled them, looking at me, smiling. So I wiggled mine back, and told her I liked playing footsie, but she had better be careful, because I had a foot fetish, and she was making me horny! She laughed, then began to rub both of her beautiful feet against mine. She then took hr right foot, sliding it up my leg, and right to my now hard ****, rubbing her toes against it through my thin shorts. She giggled and asked "did I cause that"? I replied that yes she did, and took my hand and pressed her toes against my ****. I slid my foot up and under her skirt, placing my toes against her panty covered *****, wiggling them against her. She let out a soft moan, and told me she had not had sex of any kind in over a year, and that I was making her very wet. So I just rubbed my toes against her mound harder, and she spread her legs as wide as they would go. I asked her if she would like for me to make her ***, and she said please do. I had her move away from the table, and I removed her panties, then she sat down facing me. She spread her legs wide again, and I could see her clean shaven ***** clearly. I used my toes to rub against her wet **** lips, dipping my big toe in between them, then rubbing her **** with it. She began writhing, and was pinching her nipples through her bra. I stood, and began to ***** her naked right there on the back porch. As soon as I got her naked, she pulled my shorts down, and I kicked them off, and yanked off my shirt. She smiled at me as she saw my throbbing ****, and that I was also clean shaven. She ran her toes all around my smooth crotch as she rubbed her *****, and pinched her nipples. She rubbed the bottom of her sexy toes all over the head of my ****, smearing my precum all over her toes, and I took her foot and put it to my mouth, licking my juices from her toes. I sat back down, and began to again rub my toes of my right foot against her dripping *****, and nudge her **** with my big toe. With my left foot, I began to tease her nipples. She was now moaning, and beginning to wriggle around. It only took a few short minutes, and she came on my toes. They were so wet they were shining with her juices! I then told her that I would love for her to jack me off with her toes and let me *** all over them, and then let me lick them clean. So she wrapped her sexy toes around my **** and began to jack me with them wrapped around the head of my ****. It felt so good, and I loved the look of her sexy tanned and polished toes stroking me, that soon I began to *** all over those beauties. As soon as I finished *******, I pulled her toes eagerly to my mouth and licked all my *** from them.
We had such a fun and sexy time, that she ended up spending the entire weekend, and finally, after all these years, I got to **** my sexy cousin in all holes, but that's another story.
69footlicker 69footlicker 51-55, M 1 Response Jul 13, 2011

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