A Communion With God

I love playing a round with Mrs Hamilton-Smythe. 
She is the dearest old friend and one who has served our dear little church so well over the years. In fact  it gave me great pleasure to see her daughter getting married last year and me to preside over the wonderful day.  It fair bought a tear to my eye to see such a wonderful girl taken up the isle by a such a strapping young man. 
Anyway, I digress. Recently Mrs Hamilton-Smythe's husband, Major Hamilton-Smythe, has been unable to join us since his terrible incident with the maid and the cruet set. I naturally offered my services if Mrs Hamilton-Smythe would like to feel a shaft in her hands and enjoy hitting some balls. She was only too delighted to join me at the Club for 18 holes.
We had a wonderful day out and I must say I enjoyed Mrs Hamilton-Smythe's company immensely. She is a bit of a hooker and I commented that she must like it in the rough. I told her that  I don't try at hit my tee shots too hard as I always like my balls up a fairway. 
Her short game was much better and once she was on the green got it in the hole with great style. 
A game of golf always reminds me of the wonders of our Lord. The communion with nature, the honesty and honour of our fellow golfers and the sprit of friendship the game brings.


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Jan 12, 2012