Guild Wars Ftw

I was invited about a year or so ago to play Guild Wars on a "Free PvP" weekend by my adopted brother Ben. I fell in love with it right away. The graphics were so smooth and the character customization was great. I was, at the time, playing FFXI and had built up a lot of friends that made me feel really guilty about wanting to leave to go to GW. After a few months, those friends started running off to play WoW and didn't really seem to care that they were leaving me all alone. By that time, I was pretty much just using FFXI as a chat line anyway. I just couldn't see paying that much money every month to do that. So, about a year later, I am on Guild Wars and am an officer in Moxy's Midnight Raiders {MMR}. We are always recruiting and always having a great time. Look up Mal Stormbringer if you're online and looking for some hot DERV action :)
oniyagi oniyagi
26-30, M
Aug 8, 2007