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I enjoy writing songs on the guitar and occasionaly on the bass as well.  I've just completed a demo cd a couple of months ago.  I hate it.  Well, hate is a little strong, but I am unsatisfied and looking forward to working on new songs and spending more time tracking.  My lead guitar parts were all done on-the-fly.  Single takes, etc.  I was being recorded for free so I couldn't complain, but I just had these songs that I had not gotten to practice playing lead over (or bass) and just winged it.  Next time I will take home recordings of the rhythm guitar and work on leads over that.  I also didn't like that the guy recording me told me to play the whole time during an individual track, even though we supposedly weren't going to be keeping all of that.  So I was just screwing around at times and then during the mix he ended up using parts that I did not like or intend to actually be in the recording.  I am grateful to my friend for recording me but I've also learned some lessons about the way things should not be done.

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the only way to make your vision a reality is to do it yourself

Were you doing multitrack recording at your friends house?