Long Time Picker

I've been playing guitar and bass for over thirty years now and recording mostly with two and four track recorders, now computer software as well. My experience is primarily blues and rock based but after so many years of invention there's no way to peg my original music other than eclectic or avante garde. I think musicians that isolate become overly attached to their own music and overly critical, but why not be a perfectionist? It's all about self improvement or self satisfaction at this point since I detached from bands a few years back. I'm one of those guys that will play as long as I'm breathing.

heartmindspace heartmindspace
46-50, M
2 Responses Jul 10, 2007

thumbs up my brother. I am with you all the way

Hey heartmindspace I am an old guy that still plays the guitar and pedal steel guitar. I don't play for money..I will probably die with a guitar in my hands...Keep on picking