A Very Long Hiatus

I played hockey when I was a kid. Tons of road hockey; almost every day for years. I was always the goalie. That position always felt right to me. Making saves, helping the team. When I got old enough for ice hockey my parents couldn't afford proper equipment so my dream quickly died while playing defense when I really wanted to be in the net. It was such a shame because it was one of my earliest passions and it was squashed too soon. I played ball hockey in college but it's not the same. Fast forward to now and after a ton of searching I managed to find a league designed for beginning adults. I went out a few weeks ago and bought brand new goalie equipment and have been taking lessons with the rest of the 8 year olds ever since. They think it's pretty cool and I'm having a blast. I have to say that it is getting me in great shape too which is a nice side benefit that I didn't expect. It's the toughest workout I've ever had. We'll see in a couple of weeks if all the pain has been worth it when I play my first game. GO HABS GO !!!

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Um......no - lol

All he has to do is learn to fight and he will be good as gold - lol

They are routinely booing him in Montreal. That is usually the kiss of death in Montreal. Lets face it, the way Halek played they would be foolish not to give him the #1 opportunity. Having said that, Carey Price is so young that its hard to know just how goog he can be. Montreal is a very difficult city to play in. The hardest in the league. Everything the team does on and off ice is under the microscope.<br />
I think Carey Price could do well in Philly he is a better goalie then what you have. I don't see that trade happening though. Looking at the stats Matt Carle is very untested and as such is not enough for Price. It will be interesting to see what happens because prior to the playoffs management said they would not trade either goalie. No NHL goalie wants to share the top spot though.

Yes sir :)

Thats awsome. Not the throwing up part - lol My first scrimmage game I could barely stand up for the whole thing. The pressure the pads put on my knees almost killed me. It was two months of very hard work for me to get those unused muscles up to speed. It was three weeks of work just to get my backwards skating going well.<br />
Hey...I tried to add you but your profile is restricted?

As I've found out, its all about the intensity. I used to think I was in decent shape. Hah! My coach proved me wrong.<br />
Soccer would be great for conditioning.

Like cardio. Eliptical or stair climber workouts help a lot. My coach has me keeping my heart beat at its maximum for an hour. Once you can do that the short bursts are much easier. Squats help too. Even if you don't use weights.

Are you doing any dry land workouts? They really helped me.

only a very secure person could and would do that. helmets off to you :)

Yes. And a few six year olds - lol. I think they think its kinda cool. Skill wise I fit right in :)

You're taking lessons with 8 year olds? My respect for you has just doubled. that is so cool!

None taken. Are you from Philly or do you just like fighting? - lol<br />
<br />
Good for you ! Getting into it has literally been the hardest physical challenge of my life. It feels so good to be skating again though. Good luck!<br />
What position do you play?

No. I've taken my youngest daughter there twice. I told my son next year for sure. We went to Montreal; I have season tickets there. Philly cheese steaks. Four mmmm's up ! I love Philadelphia. I want to go back when I have a little more time to spend.

I was going to ask about that trip to Pittsburgh and whether you had taken him there. I remember a phone call while you were eating Philly Cheese-steaks... MMMM the grease is even good on those things.

So true. I'm only taking lessons and I'm continually finding new bruises that I don't remember getting.

I think Jonathan would agree with that one, Bassy, since he is always sporting bumps and bruises from his games. :)

I am if nothing else a wealth of pretty much useless information. I can't remember names/dates/birthdays/phone numbers but this stuff somehow sticks in my brain. Go figure - lol

Yes but in the original Indian language (the originators of lacrosse) it also means "it hurts".<br />
I like Bluebie's definition better though -lol

No, I didn't know that! It should mean "hit the guy with the ball as hard as you can with your stick" lol

lol<br />
You know what the word lacrosse means right?

It certainly is a pretty tough sport. But, then again, so is hockey. We should count fights, just to see who has the most! lol

Yes.....and with more fighting :)

My son plays lacrosse, which is a lot like hockey, without the ice :)

lol<br />
2nd favorite. They are my sons favorite team. I took him to a Montreal/Pittsburgh game. We had a blast and I'm ok that he doesn't like the team that he's supposed to like - lol Really I am :) .... took a while though :)