I play rep AA hockey. I'm the goalie (1 of them) on my team. My number is "1". I love that.

I played on boys teams before but was scouted for the girls AA team. So for 2 years I played with girls. Now coaches and managers for the A and AA boys teams at my age are talking to my moms and me about trying out but they are really just trying to draft me. Idk if I should do it but I'm thinking yes. See I like playing with all girls and the atmosphere is great, but boys hockey is harder and more competative and so I'm thinking it will make me tougher and I have to be tougher.

I want to play for the Canadian Womens Team one day, heck maybe the NHL. Another Canadian woman goalie did. Yeah not for long but she did.

There's this girl in Pittsburgh whos a goalie and she smokes the boys. Shes about the same age and sort of inspiration to me, you know competition. Maybe I'll play opposite her in the Olympics one day cause shes definitely going to the American Womens Team. This is a video about her below.

So it will be Taylor vs. Maddie. Its on! The puck stops here!

MaddietheGoalie MaddietheGoalie
13-15, F
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Haha. I admire your determination! I hope you get there! Keep working hard! I'll start watching hockey so I'll understand what half the things you talk about are.😅