I play European hockey =). i love it! It's my favorite sport, though it does kill me on times from all the running lol. I know you can get injured playing but that's only a small problem. I love playing it's just great fun! I hope to be a great player some day but all i can do at the moment is practice and play with my team against others to improve. I have a match on Monday 21/9/09  i can't wait! ooh i like this stick LOL


EDIT: well the match was great fun!! so we lost but we had loads of new team members when we get to know each other we will play better together =). It really was great fun =)


LunaWolff LunaWolff
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hmm no i don't soz =)

Do you know which came first? Hockey on ice or hockey on grass, not football. lol.

oh soz =P yeah LOL

LOL! No, no, I meant it's like Football, cuz American's call American football "football", when football is football, played with the feet, not like American football that they call football. lol. :p

wel apart from the fact your foot isn't allowed to touch the ball and it's usually on astro turf =)

and you're welcome! ^ ^

Oh, okay, so there's only one kind of hockey on grass. Lol. Sorry, I thought that was just called Ice hockey, but that makes sense now.. it's like football. :P

well In American and well everywere else lol they play on ice =) and thankyou

Wow, I've not seen hockey being played in years. I didn't know there was different kinds either. <br />
Good luck with your game on the 21st, Luna. =)