I've been playing violin in an orchestra for a little over 4 years now. I play at my school's advanced orchestra, my local orchestra, and take private lessons. My school's orchestra is well-known and supposed to be among the best in my state and the country. I have always loved music and I'm able to play by ear and teach myself songs. I'm currently teaching myself piano, although I want to eventually have actual lessons. I am a painfully shy and timid person though, which is an unbelievably huge obstacle I am constantly trying to overcome.
CobaltNickel CobaltNickel
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

Oh god, trust me, being painfully shy and timid when you are musicing is SO HARD :L I myself am horribly shy and socially awkward, but I want to be a musician...when you're surrounded by confident people it is really hard to convince yourself you're good...but you are :)
Playing by ear is a great skill, and keep playing the violin...best instrument around ;)