Indoor Percussion

I have never played a percussion instrument until the start of the indoor season this year where I was placed on the xylophone. I was a bit scared but the reason I joined - all the people were so nice. I've never met nicer people!

I'm hoping to play next year on the vibes.

It's a really cool experience getting to be in the front ensemble.. We are all really close. Our pit isn't large enough to be separated by instrument or anything so we'll hand out by someone's marimba or even by my glock during breaks. We're all from different schools so it is kind of neat to meet new people. Just yesterday, I went to see a science lecture with one of my friends from pit.

Front ensemble stereotype should be that they're really nice. That's the best way to put it.

You have to be really nice to spend all day Saturday with them and then four hours a week~

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Enjoy! The xylophone makes a beautiful noise. Love it!<br />
Working the pit takes a lot of team effort. You are making some friends that will last a long time.<br />
Band nerds rule.