I lost my first four ranked matches. Probably going to be bronze V lol. Damn.
Amiramae Amiramae
22-25, F
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in season 3 i lost 6 out of 10 of my promos and got placed in bronze 5, i got to silver a week later

in season 4 i lost 4 out of 10 and got placed into silver 4, which means that where you're gonna be placed depends mostly from your last season mmr so don't worry, if you were high last season you'll probably end up in the same league

Jax is always nice to play when you need to carry

I don't play him though. I mostly play adc or support, or mid.

Caitlyn thresh or ap tristana are easier to play

I main Caitlyn :P


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Aww I miss league! All I have time for is hearthstone these days.

I'm not into hearthstone! But it looks fun. League is super addicting.