what is everyones favorite card?

mine is reforge the soul and dangerous wager

red gets some love!
BanannaBerry BanannaBerry
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

I hated the new set because of one card: an angel that destroys all zombies on the field e.e. My current favorite deck is a Zombie-Skaab deck so you know xP

Cathar's crusade :D - White weenie and token swarms for the win!

tokens are super fun!

hah, yeah..im thinking a burning vengence deck wouldnt be too terribly bad once pod rotates out and RG agro slows down a tiny bit ^_^

im not a big fan of burning vengeance. its fun though, but i still like mage blade more. i want to play RG aggro! but that one damn werewolf is expensive!

vexing devil..omg RDW in legacy will be banana's and in standard too

i play red burn in eternal and yeah, the card is bonkers. dealing 4 is nasty

im not sure abotu standard yet until m13 comes out. if we get bolt back, maybe.