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Coed, Clothing Optional Volleyball

I play volleyball minus any clothes. I belong to a group of clothing optional volleyball players. About 3/4's of the group play nude or semi nude. This is a non-sexual group.

Some people seem to think that once nudity is involved it is all sexual. Believe me, that is not the case. The group consists of a wide range of people. From college students to those who are retired. From students to doctors ( okay one doctor in the group. ) We have a few teachers, a few nurses, factory workers and labors, etc. Husbands and wives. Single males and females. Other words the group is as normal as any other group, Except some prefer to play with out clothes.

We play outside and enjoy the sun and the weather. We normal start our season as soon as the weather gets warm in the spring and play till mid- fall till it gets too cold to enjoy playing outside. As the weather gets cooler everyone will play dressed. We may be nudists but we are not crazy ! ! lol

New players to the group are informed ahead of time about the chance of nude players. Most will say " oh you will never catch me playing that way " Maybe not the first year of playing with us. But surprisingly by the second year they will shed some of their clothing in the warm weather. And by the third year those same ones will feel a lot more comfortable playing with out clothes. At no time do we ever try to talk someone into playing nude. Nudity is not part of the reason we play volleyball.
Volleyball is the reason why we get together to play ! Its the love of the game. Being able to be clothes free is a bonus to go along with it.

One of our friends has a 40 Acre plot of heavily wooded land. In which his house sits almost in the middle of. Beyond that sits two volleyball courts. So we are not in the public's view. The driveway curves enough to allow no view from the road.
With two grass volleyball courts. One out in the sun all of the time. The other mostly shaded. So depending on how hot it is we have our choice of which court to use. There has been a few times we had enough people to field both courts at the same time.
Winner will play winner- loser will play loser- and back and forth we will go during the day.( normally five or six games ) We don't count the wins or the losts. We count how much fun we had playing that day.

And yes. We have been known to dive for the ball. To spike the ball. And to totally miss the ball at times. Which will bring laughter to almost everyone playing. There has been more then a few times that the ball will get lost in the sun. You just swing hoping that you can make contact with the ball and send it back. Or better yet, to pass to a fellow team mate for a spike.
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I play volleyball also. But unlike you I don't have a regular group of friends to play with. It makes it hard to pass or to try and set up a play when you don't know the skill level that the person next to you is at. I am not saying that I am a real great player. Just an average player. But it's rough sometimes.