I Really Enjoy It

I learned to play classical guitar because I love classical music. Also, since I'm playing classical music, nobody can ask me to sing along with it. I love to sing but just not in public. My favorite piece is Pachelbel Canon in D. It soothes my soul even in my worst moments. My second favorite piece to play is Vivaldi Winter.

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I have a classical guitar as well but use it for Bossa Nova

I love Pachelbel's Canon in D also.

I so want to learn to play guitar, and put words to music. That would be so enjoyable creating music, and playing classical too. Have to get one first, that is the first step.

G9, I didn't know you played Ukulele. Have you checked this site for some chords? In case you haven't.......<br />
<br />

Just a suggestion , the key/chord charts can be obtain online to play guitar , and some musical scores .<br />
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Wish I can find some for the ukulele .

Xr4, I'm proud of him for wanting to learn, let alone taught himself to play. Yes, you should get him to teach you. Imagine how proud he would be teaching his Dad. I was 10 years old when I first learned to play.<br />
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TP, Bublina is right. It's never too late to learn. <br />
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Learning to play the guitar itself really isn't that hard to do. My biggest obsticle was learning to read the notes since I wasn't good at it, especially since classical music is not like easier sheet music. There are many special notations and marks that can take your breath away intially. It took me a while but it was worth it and I'm still learning even after all these years.

oh that's nice :) <br />
I also play guitar but now I dont play nylons but normal metal strings (but the softest) and I love their sound :)<br />
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and TP! it's never late to start learning :D

Maybe someday, Highmoon! I'd like to hear you play, too.

I'd really like to hear you play someday. I play electric guitar as you know. Electric and classical probably don't go together but maybe we can try and play together someday.

I think you should, applebomb, especially if you enjoy playing guitar and like classical music. I don't own a steel string guitar but I've played some. I have to say those two kinds do feel different...the way you hold the guitars, the way the strings feel on your fingers, and the way they sound. I find that the steel is easier than the nylon but I still like my nylon better. It suits me. It has become a part of my identity. <br />
If you do get a classical, please let me know what you think of it. I'd like to know how you like it.