I Play Oboe

i have never been the best. i have always been beaten out by one or two or 10 better players, the ones with the fast fingers and the never-ending attention span. but i love the oboe so. although i do not even particularly like classical or orchestral music.

when i was little i watched the movie "peter and the wolf" and i fell in love with the Sonja, the duck, because she is portrayed throughout the movie by the oboe... warm, but melancholy. enchanting. like the orange glow of a candle-lit chandelier in a dark, high-ceilinged ball room. it sounds like a mournful french chanteuse.

when the note is low, i feel it in my stomach and in my lungs. it is dark and rich and sad.

and when the note is high i feel it in my throat and in the air around me... whiny and penetrating, like something i could reach up and touch.

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1 Response Jul 30, 2007

Woah, it is wonderful that you are so passionate about the oboe! :D For how long have you been playing it?