Wishing I Was Trained When I Was Younger

I have been playing piano for like uh almost 2 years now. i started when i was 16, but i officially considered learning it when i was 18, because that was my age when i started to have formal lessons.

i never thought that my progress would be soo quick. at sixteen, i taught myself theory. Particularly the basics of theory, rudiments. i taught myself the ABCs of music, without the help of any music educator. back then when i was learning it by myself, i used to count the barlines of the staff so that i would be able to determine what note is plotted on the staff, and afterwards, remember the entire system. one by one. it took me months to get it.
and the next thing i learned was chords.

the guitar was my first love, actually. but yeah, i enrolled myself in piano lessons. maybe, i was meant to play the piano.

in the year 2010, November, i told my parents that i wanted to transfer another college, and pursue a degree in Music. of course, like every music school, they have examinations, and as for me, my teacher told me to take the piano exams, but i consider it an audition.

yes, i took it. My teacher suggested pieces and etudes/exercises for me to play. i had to play 2 pieces, one solo piece, a sonatina and 3 exercises by Czerny. i was freaking out during the exam day.

and afterwards, i was admitted. i was amazed at my progress when i saw the results. i was promoted to level 4A prior to my admission. i was soo happy.

maybe it wasn't too late for me. i used to pity myself before, because i don't have the skills. i lack them and i envy others because they have super sght reading skills while i still haven't acquired that skill. but hey, on the bright side, i had the chance to play the difficult pieces though im not much of a sight reader. =D
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Jun 2, 2011