Its Helped Get Me Through Life...

ever since i was about four i used to sit at my granddads piano and just mess around on the keys, when i was 10 we got a keyboard at home and ever since ive been improvising and teaching myself. last year i decided to finally start lessons because i had reached a mental barrier and i wasnt improving... i had lessons for 6 months. the teacher i had helped me out a lot, he would be talking and i would fiddle about on the keys, he would add something in and we would end up improvising for the whole hour. after the teacher left the area i gave up for a while and having also given up playing cello(grade 6) i used the time i spent playing as a sort of therapy. it allowed me somewhere to escape to, somewhere where i could make the rules... it let me put my emotions into something beutiful, and while i may be terrible, it has saved my life.
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Jun 2, 2011