Stress Release

I try and play for at least 30 minutes every day. Usually at night, once the children are in bed. I like to play clasical music and easy listening pop, older stuff mostly, although I have been playing Adele's Music a lot fairly recently because it's such a pleasure to play and listen to.
I find it so calming to be able to absorb yourself in the music and still your mind from whatever stresses the day has brought. I think the process of reading the music and just letting your fingers move up and down the keyboard is so soothing although I also like to play heavier pieces when I am angry or upset about something.
It was my Grandmother who taught me to play, I was about 7 when I started. It was hard work and I didn't always like my lessons but I am very thankful for them now. :o)
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2 Responses Jun 17, 2012

My youngest is a bit, he tries he looks so cute concentrating to do his scales and he says things like "Mummy I ran out of fingers!!!" He has a short attention span and he's gets cross when he makes mistakes.. like runnng out of fingers. I am not the best person to try and teach him so we need to look into getting professional lessons for him. My oldest shoes no interest.

Oh, I wish I could play!!<br />
Are the kids interested in learning??