I Feel At Peace

My life is so chaotic. I feel helpless at times and just feel like giving up on it all. Lately though I discovered something that actually brings me back to life, something that makes me feel happy. One day when I was about to walk out of my dorm building, I heard someone play the piano. I stopped right there and just listened. It was so beautiful. I smiled just listening to them play. I waited until the person stopped playing so that I could have a turn at it. Eventually they left so I sat down and just started hitting random keys. It made me so happy. I wanted to learn how to play. The next day I went to the bookstore and got a book about how to play the piano and went to my college's music department building. At first I felt uneasy. I felt like I didn't belong. I kept going and went into one of the piano practice rooms. I began to practice the different chords and just got lost into all. It's the one thing that makes me happy. The one thing that makes me forget about all my problems. Every day now I make time to go to the piano practice rooms and just play for hours. I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to do something that actually makes me happy. Hopefully one day, I'll be just as good as the kid who played the piano that day.

18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010