I Write Piano Songs By Ear But Now Im Stuck.

Hi, the name's Andrew =]

A long time ago I decided that i wanted to learn how to play the piano like my mother. My mom found lessons for me at a school near my late great grandmother's house. I got my first little method book, complete with fun illustrations, and I remember it fondly. I followed the book... which was... something to do with teaching little fingers how to play... and finished it.

anyways, i moved on to learn from my grandmother, who played piano with my grandfather who is a (now retired) minister of music. Soon enough i had moved through three of these books, and i was approaching my fourth when I quit at around age....9. I regret quiting very very much, and while i still doddled in the piano, I never really played for around the better part of 4 years. After this time, my interest in piano began to pique back up near my freshman year of high school. I played the last song i played sense i quit (Carry Me Back to Old Virginny) and I became enthralled with relearning for the rest of that year. I never got around to it until that summer however. I asked for a keyboard for my birthday, which is in March, and replaced my old tall piano in the basement (which i still adore) with this keyboard in my room. That summer, I spent a vast amount of time falling in love with a girl, and became inspired to write something for her. So after almost 5 years of quiting I wrote something that i still consider to be a beautiful song. It has no title, other than simply "her song." Soon after i wrote this song I began to write more being very slow at first. However I manged to write two more songs for her. One of which I never played to her because we broke up at the summer of my sophomore year. That summer i began focusing all my attention on writing songs however I couldn't until the beginning of my junior year. I began to play the piano in the choir room and soon I began spiting out songs almost every week. 

Now i face a problem.. all my songs are starting to sound like each other, and i cant seem to finish them..  and i cant write more..

I wish I had some kind of training on how to do this, because I know I have a gift for this. Any tips on how to better write songs on the piano would be greatly appreciated 

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From my own experience I need to balance the times I want to “create beautiful music” with the times I want to experiment. If I get stuck in the former for too long, I get too familiar with my own limits, and naturally drift over to the latter. If I get stuck in the latter for too long my neighbors would complain and I start longing for some harmony, but I am both consciously and unconsciously building a repertoire by remembering and familiarizing myself with the parts, of the seemingly chaos, that I like.<br />
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More specific; learn to improvise different styles, mimic techniques from songs you like, and don’t be afraid to be overly ambitious, arrogant and pretentious at the piano from times to times. Save up the best bits, and use them when you’re using your gift to make music.<br />
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When it comes to the writing part I’m not suited to give much advice, other than to dare yourself to be more ambitious, arrogant and pretentious here too at times.