Passion For Piano

I absolutely love to play the piano. It's my passion in life, I love music. I love to play music and know that others are enjoying the sounds I am creating. I can't wait until I graduate and can teach and pass the wonderful gift of music on to others! I wish everyone in the world could play music, it's so therapeutic and fun. I'm really into classical pieces at the moment. I'm a huge fan of Chopin, and am learning to play Nocturne in E Flat is the link if anyone is interested in listening.

It's so beautiful...absolutely my favourite piano piece of all time. Whenever I play a song I always picture a visual to go with it. With that particular song I picture a beautiful spring morning, the sun rising and the flowers slowly opening their petals, covered in dew. That may sound extremely corny, but it doesn't feel corny. I can't even fully explain it in words, but it makes me feel happy. Just playing the piano takes me into another world. I don't think about the worries and struggles I carry in my day to day life, I just play.

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4 Responses Mar 29, 2010

I too love to play the piano, in my own chosen way. It is what has gotten me though the trials and struggles of life.. You can play out your pain, your love, your stress and come out on the other end with release and music..<br />
Play on....never stop.

You're post made me smile....I love the piano and playing is one of the joys in my life. I know exactly what you mean. Good luck in school and with the Chopin!! You rock!

I thank you both for your kind comments :)

You are a beautiful & talented young woman,i wish you the best of luck : )