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Texas Holdem, All In Or Not?

I figure in order to play a tournament, you should never go all in, unless you sense the best of the best hand. The objective is to get to the final table, right?
aces4battle aces4battle 46-50, M 1 Response Nov 24, 2012

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I always heard go big or go home, or is that best suited for use at the final table?

In 5 years of playing, I never heard that go big or go home, but interesting thought process I will work on at the final table. I play long and keep trying hard til I win, especially with women. I don't give up easily, do you?

Going all in is best suited for the final table, at least you leave with money. When do you not play AA. A pro once said don't play AA when in the bubble (just before final table). I am just to much of a poker player to not play AA, what you think.

If its a big mtt and you have less then 3 bb and ur on the bubble maybe then fold em assuming the on the button cut off or highjack, depending on the size of the field like if its like and the money is at 15 players and thres 16 left its an ovious all in bcoz chances are the big blind will catch up before yoy reach the money but if its an online field of 6000 and 540 get paid and u know ur gonna bust after the bubble has bursted then fold because the very next hand youll be in the money,still if you have 6 or more bb thengo all in, if yoy get called its a great time to double up and you most likely will still make the money now with a better shot of going deep