Why Play Poker

I really had to think about why I spend so much time playing poker at the casino, and practising online for fun.
What I figure is that I want to kill time between business meetings, friends,church and clubs. I get tired of drinking all the time so now its poker. I play live each week, about $40 tournament and that is getting boring, because the pay out at the end is around $300 split. Sure I could spend my paycheck, around $1,500 and if I lose, back to the bar, so I have to think smart and work my way up.
Friday, I played live $5,000 tournament at $65, $20 rebuys, and ended at the final table, to get $405. That was time well spent, but I sure want to work up to winning thousands.
aces4battle aces4battle
46-50, M
Nov 24, 2012