I Play Poker Too!

My poker experience mainly came form T.V some online. I have played in two big money Tournaments one in Vegas and one in Atlantic City. I enjoyed it for the most part but you have to have nerves of steel as well as great patience. It's hard for me to sit in one place for 14 hours. Most of the people there are new to the game so it makes it easier for a player like me.  
Jamcojay Jamcojay
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How is that possible ElLagarto?

I don't play poker, in fact, I don't gamble at all (except with my life). However, I did once see a pair that beat three of a kind.

i'm going to vegas at the end of aug... can i take you with me? ;)

I have a friend, who has decided to earn his living through online poker. He is doing decently. Well, decently, means that he's at about the poverty line. He is improving and would like to become a professional poker pla<x>yer. He is reading lots of poker theory and body language literature. It is very interesting to learn about the psychology of poker. One guy we know dropped out of medical school and parlayed his last grand into 30 grand through online poker. You're right, though, about the nerves of steel.