Roleplaying - Neverwinter Nights 2

I get my roleplaying fix with Neverwinter Nights 2. Its a bit dated as far as computer games go, but the persistent worlds (PWs) that the community builds are the best way to find the kind of RP that I enjoy. D&D 3.5e, Forgotten Realms setting, is my favorite.

I also enjoy forum RP, especially when I feel like spending more time writing. I've bounced around a few forum RP sites before but none of them last long. I started with a Bleach setting but every RP thread I was in died out. After that, a few custom/mixed settings, then finally settled on a Harry Potter site. I had an amazing RP going on there until the other participant got busy and dropped out. I'm hoping she'll return at some point.

I've never played a PnP game of D&D, or done any RPing outside of what I can participate in online. Various anxieties and such makes it hard for me to feel like I could ever do any form of roleplaying in front of another person.
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have u tried neverwinter?